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CS3, Inc. manufactures and markets the HVS3, HVS4, AS 1100 and other particulate samplers.  We also design and fabricate custom sampling systems.  Our samplers cover the indoor environment and outdoor emission sources.  These pages are for information only, contact us at
contact@cs-3.com or 208-559-7061 for pricing and delivery.
Environmental testing equipment for particulate sampling.  We make  systems for  surface sampling and emission source testing. 
The High Volume Small Surface Sampler is designed to test carpeted and hard floors for contaminants.  It conforms to ASTM D5438-11.  It is available with a wide variety of accessories to expand its capabilities.
The High Volume Simplified Small Surface Sampler was designed to make it easier to take multiple samples during a testing day.  It uses the HVS3 cycone and is very portable.  It is not validated for use with ASTM D5438-11.
The High Volume Furniture Sampler uses the HVS3 cyclone.  It is designed to be used for sampling furniture, drapes and other surfaces besides floors.  The items that make up the sampler are offered as accessories for the HVS3 or HVS4.
This High Volume Stack Sampler is designed for testing cyclones, baghouses, roof monitors and other emission sources that can not be easily tested with other means. This sampling system is special order.
The R&M Sampler was designed for Kennedy Kreiger Institute.  It is a very portable sampler.
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